The project

Dissemination and revaluation of Rocha Forte castle.

The excavation

Using the results of earlier interventions, we devised an action plan aimed at unearthing, studying and restoring the walled enclosure of the fortress and its closely adjoining sections: the curtain wall or outer rampant and the area where the hydraulic canals used to be.

The final objective of the intervention was the conditioning and appreciation of the castle. As well as the treatment of the structures and the analysis of new results, we added the fresh data to the final study of the castle, which was the basis for the writing of the following dissemination materials.

The website

Learn about the history of the castle the way you prefer: exploring maps, getting to know the personages that shaped it, the objects we have unearthed... The site can be accessed from any web-enabled device so you can visit the castle and learn about it from your mobile or tablet.

Are you an archaeologist or do you have any technical expertise? Then you can avail yourself of specific materials and contents in the map and the technical archive: technical reports, plans and elevations, results of the archaeological prospection of the area...

The publications

A useful guide that will take you through the key moments in the history of the fortress: its shape, function and purpose.

A free copy is available at any socio-cultural centre in Santiago de Compostela. Alternatively, you may download it in a variety of formats and languages. Also available is a three-page leaflet which includes a map of how to get there. 

You can download them from here:


It is a representation of a key place and period in the history of Galicia from a current perspective

The logo expresses everything that made the Rocha Forte Castle unique: Medieval Galicia, the fortress –=


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