The double wall

Protection against the technologic advances in weaponry

The premises of the castle were protected by a strongly walled enclosure whose main entrance faced the northwest. The wall had four round towers (one at each corner) and three square towers, one at each side of the walls except on the northwest, where the entrance was. 

Both the towers and the wall must have had arrow slits and merlons at the top and the chemins de ronde would have been behind them.

Three concentric enclosures

Some witnesses to the Tavera-Fonseca lawsuit mention two further enclosures that would concentrically encircle the first but archeology has only found evidence of one of them which circles and replicates the wall but it is lower. This is what it is known as barbican: its role was to protect the inner wall from artillery, rock missiles and hamper access. 

The ward or open space between these two walls, was used as a dumpsite, hence that abundant archeological material was unearthed there. 

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  • By Cenlitrospormetrocadrado.

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