Guided tours

Explore the castle with an expert

Throughout its existence, Rocha Forte Castle and Santiago City Walls standed up as representations of power, authority and confrontation in the dominion of Terra de Santiago. They played efficiently their role as administrative, fiscal, political and social checkpoint for everyone and everything entering or leaving the town, but also these two bastions contemplated the fighting between the feudal lord (the archbishop) and the local bourgeoisie.

Rocha Forte Fortress and the City Walls are privileged spaces to narrate the city's history during the Middle Age. Therefore, Sabtiago de Compostela City Council offers now these free guided tours to both historical lcations, city walls and castle. Current guided tours, which are educational and informational, are addressed to both individuals and groups from associations or schools.

What can be visited?

Depending on the visitor's main interests, 3 different programs could be chosen:

  • City Walls visit.
  • Rocha Forte Castle visit.
  • Combined visit to Santiago fortification: city walls + castle.

Who can attend?

Visits are available to general public and also to specific groups (schools, associations, etc.). Specific visits' schedule are provided for each of these two profiles.

Guided tours may be delivered in Galician or Spanish, depending on visitors linguistic skills.


1. Schools and other groups

School visits will take place from June to November 2017, both included on Tuesdays (every month) and also on Wednesdays (only during June, October and November).

  • City Walls visit. Tuesdays at 10am (2 h visit)
  • Rocha Forte Castle visit. Tuesdays at 12:30pm (1.5 h visit)
  • Combined visit to both fortifications. Wednesdays at 10am (3.5 h visit)

Groups could not be larger than 50 people. Starting time shall be taken as a reference, yet it would be possible to slightly adjust the straing time to group needs. Any alterations should be discussed and accepted by the guided tours provider, at +34685860773 (mornings) or by email.

2. General public

Individual visits will take place from 3rd June to 26th November, on weekends.

  • City Walls visit. Saturday at 5pm (2 h. visit)
  • Rocha Forte Castle visit. Saturday at 6pm (1.5 h visit). From October, visits will start by 4pm.
  • Combined visit to both fortifications, city walls and castle. Sunday at 10am (3.5 h visit).

Meeting point for both the City Walls visit and the combined visit is Porta de San Roque. For Castle visits, meeting point is the castle entrance.

Visiting groups will not accept more than 25 people (15 for the combined visit). Castle visits will start at the castle, as stated before, and visitors may get there by their own means. However, for the combined visits a shuttle service will be provided by the Council to link the city walls and the castle.

How to book?

Tours are free and must be booked on the website.

Schhols ans other groups may book on the website or by phone at +34685860773.

For further questions or requests, you can contact Oficina da Cidade histórica e Rehabilitación do Concello de Santiago (9am to 2pm), Rúa do Preguntoiro 1, 15704 Santiago.

What if I can't attend eventually?

if you can't attend a previously booked visit, please, let us know at +34685860773 to allow other people to fill your place.

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