Life and death at the greatest castle of Galicia.

Rocha Forte Castle was the archbishop residence, a shelter during wartime, trade check point, military stronghold ... Discover all the events happened within its walls since its construction


  • 1238: The Pope appoints Xoán Arias archbishop of Santiago

  • Castle origins

    Castle origins

    The first mention of the Castle of Rocha Forte dates back to 1253, but it is quite likely that its construction is earlier.

  • Chapter constitutions indicate that the castle was already inhabited

  • The archbishop draws up his will and designates the castle as property of the archbishopric

  • King Afonso X temporarily takes the castle in 1280


  • The Pope designates Berenguel de Landoira archbishop of Santiago in 1317

  • The arrival of Berenguel: urban revolts

    The arrival of Berenguel: urban revolts

    The new archbishop comes to take control of the domain and of the Church of Santiago but he is not welcomed by the bourgeoisie.

  • The execution

    The execution

    Following the first siege to the castle, the archbishop has the leaders of the revolt executed.

  • Berenguel rebuilds the castle and reinforces the military architecture of the city

  • Following the death of Berenguel de Landoira, the Pope designated Martiño Fernández archbishop

  • Holding to power. The civil war and the English invasion

    Holding to power. The civil war and the English invasion

    With the fight for the succession to the throne of Castile, new forces come into play that contribute to instability in Galicia.

  • Civil War between Peter of Castile and his successor to be Henry II (1366-69)

  • The troops of the Duke of Lancaster enter Corunna and invade the northwestern of the Iberian Peninsula

  • 1388: The Treaty of Bayonne is signed thus bringing to an end the war for the throne of Castile.






  • 1860: Preliminary studies for the construction of the railway line

  • 1873: The railway connecting Cornes and Carril opens

  • The railway line and the first scientific studies

    The railway line and the first scientific studies

    Treasure hunters, scholars and railway engineers: struggling for the potential of Rocha Forte.

  • 1886: Bernardo Barreiro begins his archaeological explorations


  • A jewellery shop in Santiago was robbed. The haul was hidden in the remains of Rocha Forte

  • Hideout during Francoism

  • A group of Falangists murders Eduardo Puentes, aka O Nécoras, in the ruins of the castle

  • 1962: Installation of an electricity pylon by FENOSA, an energy company


  • 2001: Archaeological interventions start at the Castle site

  • Archaeological excavations

    Archaeological excavations

    They culminate in 2013 with the archaeological project for the study, recovery and appreciation of Rocha Forte.


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