Berenguel de Landoira

One of the most important archbishops in Galicia and Europe.

  • Name Berenguel de Landoira
  • Century 14th
  • Position Archbishop of Santiago
  • Appointed archbishop for the see of Santiago by Pope John XXII, Berenguel de Landoira was already a relevant figure of European Christendom because of his role as a theologian in the dispute between the Pope and the Franciscan Order on the poverty of Christ and his participation in the Council of Vienne (1311-1312), where the Order of Templars was ordered to dissolve.

    Berenguel arrived in Galicia in 1317 accompanied by his own advisors and troops. This would allow him to impose his power and implement major changes in the  military administration of his domain: the lands of Santiago de Compostela.

    His arrival at the city was not welcomed and led to numerous urban revolts.

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